Wallpaper prepared in standarised rolls 100 x 300cm
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Wallpaper prepared for butt joint.



Aqua - Water, one of the four elements, is the universal symbol of life. The blue color with its calming effect, may also reduce the appetite when used in a dinning room or kitchen.

In history of art- from Empedocles to Leonardo da Vinci, the basic colours such as blue, yellow, red and grey were always assigned to the four elements- earth, air, water and fire.

The Arte collection consists of patterns painted by Polish painter Katarzyna Śliwka. Abstract images has been transferred to great format.

Concrete, brush, sand and linen printed on the backing - give the impression of a huge picture in the interior. The wallpaper is made from a hand-painted picture and may show elements such as canvas textures or brush strokes.

Price for single roll 100 x 300 cm (or 100 x 100 cm sample) - to order more rolls please select correct quantity and provide roll numbers below.


Each of the designs is available on all materials.

Vinyl on textured non-woven fabric - Craft
Vinyl on textured non-woven fabric - Stucco
Vinyl on textured non-woven fabric - Cocrete
Vinyl on textured non-woven fabric - Linen
Vinyl on textured non-woven fabric - Brush

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