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Wallpaper prepared for butt joint.



This Arte collection consists of patterns painted by the Polish visual artist Joanna Osińska.

Costa - Sun's horizons are inspiration for that design

“It all started with a few rays of the sun that stretched to the horizon. They shone timidly, although they were the most beautiful, although one of the miracles began with them... I could look at forever... The warmth of the world that is so close to us that we cannot help but feel it. We see the partial, remember only fragments. We accumulate fleetingness... we look for places, where we feel that we hold the whole world in our arms, we feel that it is talking to us with calm and inexpressible force.

We are part of it. We look at golden horizons. They extend beyond the boundaries of the canvas. They are the confluence point around all of us. We love the endless. We are looking for freedom."- according to the author.

Abstract images transferred to large format, printed on brush, linen, concrete or sand backgrounds - give the impression of a huge image in the interior.

All wallpapers from the Arte collection are based on hand-painted images, so the pattern may present elements such as the texture of the canvas or brush strokes. We encourage you to purchase samples.

Price for single roll 100 x 300 cm (or 100 x 100 cm sample) - to order more rolls please select correct quantity and provide roll numbers below.


Each of the designs is available on all materials.

Vinyl on textured non-woven fabric - Craft
Vinyl on textured non-woven fabric - Stucco
Vinyl on textured non-woven fabric - Cocrete
Vinyl on textured non-woven fabric - Linen
Vinyl on textured non-woven fabric - Brush

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