Wallpaper Koło Lysa
Wallpaper Koło Lysa

Wallpaper Koło Lysa


Self-adhesive wallpapers in the shape of a circle, with a linen structure, this is our new proposal for decorating your interior.

Lysa is an exceptionally non-obvious work. The combination of delicate pink, white and black, interwoven with delicate golden elements, may bring to mind a stormy sea, a mountain landscape and snow-covered lowlands. The cold color palette is perfect for modern, ascetic interiors, but the element of pink makes it easy to arrange a girl's room with a hint of brutalism.

Lysa is the result of cooperation with Joanna Osińska. Her closest passion is painting, in which she gives new life to landscapes in an abstract way. He selects them intuitively, presenting his favorite places, delights with existing color compositions and what is most fleeting in nature.

All wallpapers from the Arte collection are made on the basis of hand-painted paintings, so the pattern may contain elements such as the texture of the canvas or brush strokes.

Circle-shaped wallpapers were prepared as decoration diameter 130 cm or slightly smaller if additional elements stick out from the pattern, such as flowers, wings or other details.

The wallpaper is easy to apply, does not require the use of glue, and can be applied not only to the wall, but also to furniture.