1. What is the price of wallpapers?
    The price of a Wall Art wallpapers depends on the design and if you chose customized size wallpaper or in standardized rolls.
  2. Can a wallpaper be made for the size of my wall?
    Yes, it is possible to make wallpaper made to size but only if you order it via e-mail (offcie@wallart.eu). In our online shop you can order wallpaper in 100 cm wide rolls. In the order process, simply choose the number of the roll that you are interested in.
  3. What material can a wallpaper be made of?
    In our offer we have two materials: vinyl on non-woven fabric with a texture of stucco/concrete/linen/brush/craft and self adhesive laminated vinyl (available on request).
  4. Are vinyl wallpapers on non-woven fabric suitable for use in the bathroom or kitchen?
    Yes, they are suitable for use in a damp area but not directly under a shower or on a wall next to a bathtub. They can be used in the kitchen, between cupboards, next to the sink or toilet etc. Such a wallpaper must be covered with additional varnish – Aquaceramic (so-called "liquid tiles") which creates a waterproof layer on wallpapers, protecting wallpapers against dampness and dirt as well as increasing their resilience to mechanical damage.
  5. How much surface area does protective varnish for non-woven wallpapers cover?
    The protective varnish used in Wall Art wallpapers is sufficient for about 7 m2 - with double varnishing (it is recommended to lay two layers).
  6. How do I match wallpaper panels?
    Glued wallpapers are prepared for butt jointing as standard but you can have it prepared for double cut joining. In case of self adhesive vinyl, you always have to stick it with 2cm overlap.
  7. What is the size of wallpaper rolls?
    The wallpapers are made in 100 cm x 300 cm rolls, wallpapers on individual order are prepared in as few strips as possible, resulting from the customer's wall measurements, from 70 to 150 cm max in width. The height is always the height given by a customer. Custom made wallpaper has 5cm margin on every verge. Wallpaper in standardized rolls have no margin.
  8. Is the color seen on the screen the same as the one on the actual wallpaper?
    Individual settings of an end device can make some changes between the product visualization on a customer's screen and the actual product (color, proportions etc.) It is not a basis for a complaint. In order to check the actual coloring it is required to order samples and check them in the target place of assembly.
  9. Can I change a wallpaper colour?
    Changes like mirror image and rendition in black and white are free of charge and possible in the case of every wallpaper. Other changes are available on request and are calculated individually. Arte Collection is excluded from any changes. Every change of a wallpaper design should be accepted on the basis of physical samples before production.
  10. Can I change the height of a pattern or arrangement of design elements on a wallpaper?
    In most of the cases, yes. The cost of such a project is 50€ or more (50€ for one hour of graphic designer work). As a producer, Wall Art is able to create wallpapers in any color for all geometric and repeatable designs. For mural wallpapers, it is possible to make small changes to the color of a single element or change the color / tone of the entire image. For an additional fee, we can devote a great deal of time to make more complicated changes (in consultation with the Wall Art graphic department).
  11. Can I order an individual alteration of a particular pattern according to the RAL or NCS color chart?
    Yes. The cost of such a project is 50€ or more (50€ for one hour of graphic designer work), depending on the complexity of changes and the customer's expectations – for each such wallpaper it is necessary to order physical samples and accept the actual colors before production.
  12. Can I order a Wall Art wallpaper with my own photo or the one bought on a stock website?
    Yes, but only if provided photo meets certain quality standards. In the case of websites selling photos, all you need to do is provide a link or the number of a photo/graphic and the name of the website, and our customer service department will complete the purchase. Before we purchase a photo or graphic, the customer will be informed of its cost and asked to accept the transaction
  13. What is the waiting time for the order?
    The waiting time for the fulfillment depends on the destination country and international delivery time. The implementation process begins after the payment or acceptance of the visualization (depends which happens first) and it takes 14 working days in the case of wallpaper made to size and 10 working days in the case of wallpaper in standardized rolls. After 14 or 10 working days your package is sent.
  14. Is the order processing time counted from the moment of its submission?
    Order processing time is counted from the moment of paying for the order (wallpapers in ready 100 cm wide rolls) and/or visualization acceptance for a wallpapers made to measure.
  15. Until when is it possible to make changes to the design or cancel the order?
    At the moment of payment and/or visualization acceptance (for a wallpapers made to measure) wallpaper is sent to production and from that moment it is no longer possible to make changes or cancel the order.
  16. Can I cancel an ordered product, after receiving it?
    Unfortunately not. In the case of custom-made wallpapers - in accordance with applicable law and the Wall Art regulations - there is no possibility of returning or exchanging for another product. Only designs made earlier (from the outlet section) are subject to exchange and return.
  17. Can I order a sample?
    Yes, there is a possibility of ordering a set of 3 samples. They are in A3 format. For geometric and replicable patterns we send samples in 1:1 scale, murals are shown in minimization as a whole design. You can order a sample of mural in 1:1 scale, specifying the target size of a wallpaper in the order. You can choose any 3 designs made on three different materials. Only a sample is the basis for complaint based on coloristic discrepancies – no more than 14 days from the moment of ordering the wallpaper.
  18. What is the waiting time for the sample?
    The waiting time for the shipment is 7 days from the moment the customer provides the complete information necessary for its implementation and payment of the order. Delivery time depends on the destination country and the logistic possibilities of a delivery company.
  19. Are gold, silver and copper metallized colors?
    Unfortunately not, eco friendly print technology does not allow for print with metallized paints – so the colors of gold, silver and copper are developed as a print in a given color resembling shades of gold, silver and copper. The effect looks different on every pattern – particularly in the Arte collection, therefore we recommend ordering samples to avoid disappointment.
  20. Does Wall Art ship its products abroad?
  21. Why does the calculator on the Wall Art website show more m2 of wallpaper than the physical size of the wall shows?
    The Wall Art calculator shows how many m2 of wallpaper are needed to be produced to be sufficient for the given wall size. In other words - in practice, more material is used, because wallpaper rolls have a certain width and sometimes more of them have to be used to cut the appropriate pieces to the given size.
  22. Can I pay on delivery?
    All Wall Art products are made to order and the production process begins only after the order is paid for.
  23. Do Wall Art products have approvals? Which ones?
    Yes, our latex printing has ecologo, greenguard, FSC, PEFC, epeat certificates, while the materials on which the print is made additionally have B1 and M1 certificates and hygiene certificates
  24. Can Wall Art wallpapers be used in hospitals and kindergartens?
    Yes. Wall Art wallpapers, in accordance with the approvals that confirm it, are approved for use in public facilities, such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shops, restaurants and hotels.
  25. Does Wall Art make visualizations in the client's interior?
    Yes. All you need to do is send a photo to the Wall Art office at: office@wallart.eu. The waiting time for a visualization is 2-3 business days.
  26. Does Wall Art frame the wallpaper design to fit the customer's wall size?
    Yes, made to size Wall Art wallpaper is prepared to fit the customer's wall size, so the customer, after entering the wall size, receives up to three frames of the design to choose from.
  27. Are hanging instructions included with the wallpaper?
    Yes, each order comes with hanging instructions and a visualization divided into numbered panels (rolls).
  28. What adhesive do you recommend for non-woven wallpapers?
    Our recommendation for textured wallpapers is glue suitable for heavy for wallpapers only.
  29. What are the possible forms of delivery?
    It is possible to ship by courier and collect in person at the company's premises. Wall Art wallpapers are not sent for cash on delivery.