Pecan - Wallpaper in standardized rolls
Pecan - Wallpaper in standardized rolls

Pecan - Wallpaper in standardized rolls
Wallpaper prepared in standarised rolls 100 x 300cm
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Wallpaper prepared for butt joint.

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Pecan - Wallpaper in standardized rolls


Pecan it is a spectacular, bold and energetic proposition. The combination of shades of gold with navy blue, turquoise and blue brings to mind unique sunsets by the sea. Pecan takes us to a sandy beach, when the heavy air of a hot day is pleasantly blown away by the evening breeze, and the sun has already hidden behind the horizon, leaving an extraordinary, magical glow. The wallpaper will fit perfectly into loft interiors, especially next to bricks. It will look equally stunning in the bedroom or living room, as the main decorative element of the room. Pecan is a perfect complement to an arrangement with furniture in the very fashionable royal blue color.

This is another painting that is the result of cooperation with the certified artist Albertyna Kacalak-Sicińska. Participant of numerous domestic and foreign exhibitions, artistic symposia and open-air painting events. In search of a distinctive form, he ultimately focuses on simplicity, but also on combining various artistic techniques. Moving away from realism in favor of emotions and creating moods results in the creation of one's own worlds on the canvas, sometimes on the verge of abstraction.

Concrete, brush, craft, stucco and linen printed on bases - create the impression of a huge painting in the interior. The wallpaper is a hand-painted work and may contain elements such as the texture of the canvas or brush strokes.

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