TEKNOS TIMANTTI Moisture Insulator W 2.7L

TEKNOS TIMANTTI Moisture Insulator W 2.7L


Water-soluble, acrylic moisture insulator,

which creates moisture-resistant coatings. The insulator is included, together with TIMANTTI 20, in a coating system for wet rooms approved by the Swedish Måleribranschens Våtrumskontroll (MVK).

A product for protecting walls before installing wallpapers in the vet system. On a wall with smooth gypsum plaster, the first layer is applied as a primer, diluted with water 1:1. Apply the preparation with a small roller, place by place. Second layer after 24 hours - using a 6 cm roller, without dilution. The second layer is the waterproofing of the wall. After application, the preparation has a slightly greenish color and is perfectly smooth. It serves as a base for installing self-adhesive laminated wallpapers.

After installation, the wallpaper must be siliconized on all edges.

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