Originals Made to Measure

Custom-made wallpapers - forget about mediocrity thanks to the Originals collection

Most of us, to a greater or lesser extent, would like to stand out and have unique and unusual things. We understand this need well, which is why the Wall Art Originals collection was created - these are designer wallpapers that are a synergy of classic works of art with the artistic expression of our team of graphic designers.

Beautiful wall wallpapers - repetition or spectacular?

Repeatable wall wallpaper patterns, each roll of which is a repetition of the previous one, are widely available in every DIY store. If conventional solutions do not meet your needs and you dream of a large-format mural, we have almost several hundred high-quality artistic wallpaper options for you .

However, these are not classic reproductions transferred literally to the wall format. Even using the works of famous artists, we try to breathe new life into them and adapt them to current interior design needs. This process involves carefully selecting coherent works of art, putting them together and adding contemporary elements.

Some of the exclusive wallpaper patterns, despite the lack of direct reference to classic works, are the result of careful observation of global design trends. We are inspired not only by the direction in which the interior design market is developing, but also by architecture and fashion. Like collaborating artists, our graphic team absorbs the surrounding reality, especially perfect works - i.e. creations of nature, and processing them through the prism of aesthetics, art and fashion, creates original Wall Art wallpaper patterns. Taking a closer look at current color trends, we often visionarily predict the upcoming future. fashion.

Originals, i.e. the originality of our wallpapers

From the very beginning, Wall Art has been focusing on unconventional, fresh and bold interior solutions. Our team of graphic designers is a unique group of enthusiasts of broadly understood art, who are not only specialists in precise graphic processing, but most of them are graduates of art universities from all over Poland. We make every effort to ensure that the wall wallpapers we offer are an interior design rarity. Thus, our main Original and Arte collections are available not only as custom-made wallpapers, but also in standardized rolls, self-adhesive circular wallpaper, pillowcases and other home textiles.

Immerse yourself in the world of classic art with a modern twist and change your interior!

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