Wallpaper of the Nocciola Circle
Wallpaper of the Nocciola Circle

Wallpaper of the Nocciola Circle


Self-adhesive wallpapers in the shape of a circle, with a linen structure, this is our new proposal for decorating your interior.

Nocciola is the quintessence of recent color trends. The pattern combining reds, muted pinks, gray blues and black is a perfect compromise between the desire to have strong colors in the interior and slightly more delicate, ethereal colors.

Nocciola is Italian for hazelnut, which used to symbolize mystery, fertility and marriage. Taking into account the symbolism, it will certainly be a good choice in the bedroom, but Noccioli's undoubted aesthetic values ​​make it fit perfectly into a modern decor, especially if the interior includes cognac leather accessories.

This is another painting that is the result of cooperation with the certified artist Albertyna Kacalak-Sicińska. Participant of numerous domestic and foreign exhibitions, artistic symposia and open-air painting events. In search of a distinctive form, he ultimately focuses on simplicity, but also on combining various artistic techniques. Moving away from realism in favor of emotions and creating moods results in the creation of one's own worlds on the canvas, sometimes on the verge of abstraction.

Circle-shaped wallpapers were prepared as decoration diameter 130 cm or slightly smaller if additional elements stick out from the pattern, such as flowers, wings or other details.

The wallpaper is easy to apply, does not require the use of glue, and can be applied not only to the wall, but also to furniture.