Desire Wheel Wallpaper
Desire Wheel Wallpaper

Desire Wheel Wallpaper


Self-adhesive wallpapers in the shape of a circle, with a linen structure, this is our new proposal for decorating your interior.

Desire - This is a painting with the taste of freedom. I strongly believe in us women. The look, the structure of the image, monochromatic layers, the beauty of female independence. Wise and internally strong women can be truly free. The original title of the painting Point of View XXVIII.

The paintings of Magdalena Głodek, born in 1983, are a link between two worlds:
the one that is the artist's inner world and the one that surrounds her.
She is inspired by female emotions. He needs to capture them and lock them up in some form. He leaves the heroines of his works in mid-sentence. He loves understatements. In 2005, she graduated from the Art School in Warsaw. He has been painting professionally since 2016.
He creates his works in four cycles: Permeation (since 2018), Point of View (since 2020), Sense (since 2020), Change (since 2021)

Circle-shaped wallpapers were prepared as decoration diameter 130 cm or slightly smaller if additional elements stick out from the pattern, such as flowers, wings or other details.

The wallpaper is easy to apply, does not require the use of glue, and can be applied not only to the wall, but also to furniture.