Ventura - Wallpaper in standardized rolls
Ventura - Wallpaper in standardized rolls

Ventura - Wallpaper in standardized rolls
Wallpaper prepared in standarised rolls 100 x 300cm
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Wallpaper prepared for butt joint.

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Ventura - Wallpaper in standardized rolls


The Arte collection includes patterns painted by the Polish painter Joanna Osińska.

Ventura / original name of the painting - Infinity

We only see fragments, and beyond the boundaries of the canvas there are landscapes of freedom. It is always the case that we only see half of it, and although we observe something, we usually observe it only from one perspective. Often it is more or less beautiful, but we will not compare it if we do not go searching - to look deeper, to see further.

I captured subjectively selected moments of admiration for the beauty of the world, its colors, lights, shadows and moods. Thanks to this, you can see the world only through my eyes and only fragments of it. The amazing thing is that we have no idea what is happening behind the space of the canvas. And only I know what happened next, and only you can believe me that I chose the most beautiful shots.
There is also a part of us that always, when faced with beauty, believes that this beauty is given to us forever. We forget about transience and believe in infinity.”

Abstract images transferred to a large format, printed on brush and linen bases - they give the impression of a huge painting in the interior

All wallpapers from the Arte collection are made on the basis of hand-painted paintings, so the pattern may contain elements such as the texture of the canvas or brush strokes. We encourage you to purchase samples.

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