How much does the wallpaper cost?

The price of wallpaper depends on the type of wallpaper:

- wallpapers in the shape of a circle cost129 EUR per piece

- wallpapers in standardised rolls 64 EUR /m2 (192 EUR per roll 3m2)

- custom-made wallpaper 74 EUR/m2

Can you make wallpaper for the size of the wall?

Our custom-made wallpapers are always made to individual order, for the size of the customer's wall. We print wallpapers cut to the given size. We leave only a reserve of 5 cm on the extreme left and right sides for the width of the wallpaper and 10 cm in height. The customer can order uncut wallpaper or with more reserve, at his explicit request.

What material can custom-made wallpaper be made of?

We have 10 different materials in our range. They can be divided according to the way of mounting: self-adhesive and classic for application on wallpaper adhesive. Self-adhesive materials: self-adhesive laminated vinyl - EXTREME. Materials for wallpaper adhesive: vinyl on fleece structure stucco/concrete/linen/brush/craft/ craft pearl/ rustic and vinyl on a grid - Concrete - AQUA ZONE - material dedicated to the wet zone under the shower.

On what material can the wallpaper be made in a standardised roll?

Standardised wallpapers are made on a limited number of materials. You can choose from vinyl on fleece with a structure - linen, concrete, brush and craft.

On what material can the wallpaper in the shape of a circle be made?

We produce wallpaper in the shape of a circle on one dedicated material - structural self-adhesive vinyl - Canvas Sticker, with a canvas structure. It is not possible to make this product on another material. The wallpaper in the shape of a circle is subject to exchange and return.

Can wallpaper be used in the bathroom in the wet zone? On which material?

Yes, for bathrooms a dedicated material is vinyl on a grid - Concrete - AQUA ZONE - material dedicated to the wet zone under the shower. The AQUA ZONE system is set sold complete with all the chemicals - waterproofing, adhesive, wallpaper on waterproof material and external two-component impregnation. Information about the preparation of the wall and the installation instructions can be found on the website in the download/instructions tab.

Is vinyl on fleece suitable for use in the bathroom or kitchen? 

Yes, they are suitable for use in a wet area but not directly in the shower or on a wall adjacent to a bath. They can be used in the kitchen, between cabinets, near a sink, near a toilet, etc. Such wallpaper should be covered with an additional varnish - Aquaceramic - i.e. liquid tiles, which creates a waterproof coating on the wallpaper, protecting the wallpapers from moisture and dirt and increasing their resistance to mechanical damage.

For what surface area is 1 package of protective varnish for non-woven wallpapers sufficient?

The varnish is sufficient for 7 m2 of double varnishing. We paint the wallpaper with a brush, so that the varnish penetrates well into the structure of the wallpaper.

Can the wallpaper be used in the kitchen by the stove, is it resistant to dirt? On which material?
Yes, the dedicated material for the kitchen is self-adhesive vinyl - EXTREME, because it is 100% waterproof and resistant to washing and scrubbing with chemical agents, the rough side of a sponge. It withstands high temperature and moisture. Grease stains can be washed off in the same way as from tiles, it does not require additional protection either with glass or lacobel - for induction and electric cookers. For gas cookers, we recommend protecting the wallpaper with glass.

Do we offer wallpaper for furniture applications? On which material?

Yes, for application on furniture, the dedicated material is laminated vinyl - EXTREME, because it is 100% waterproof and resistant to washing and scrubbing with chemical agents, the rough side of a sponge. It is a material that is easy to apply, ideal for use on all flat surfaces.

Do we have washable, waterproof and chemical-washable wallpapers?

Such material is self-adhesive laminated vinyl, because it is 100% waterproof and resistant to washing and scrubbing with chemical agents, the rough side of a sponge. We can wash out even marker pen or nail Polish with solvent and not damage the colour of the wallpaper.

How is self-adhesive wallpaper installed?

On our Facebook page there is a detailed tutorial video on how to mount and disassemble self-adhesive wallpaper step by step. Each wallpaper is accompanied by an assembly instruction and a special felt squeegee for its application. Self-adhesive wallpaper is the only material we mount on an overlap. The overlap is designed to protect the wall from water - it provides tightness in places where the wallpaper joins. The 100% vinyl material provides very high resistance to mechanical damage, while due to the production process it is a material with a shrinkage of up to 1 mm. The overlap can be cut using the double cutting technique. We recommend this solution only in the case of designs with a light background and in rooms where the wallpaper will not be exposed to water - bathroom and kitchen. The overlap is visible more on bright and uniform designs, e.g. ombre, than on dark and rich ones. The visibility of the overlap depends on many factors - such as natural and artificial lighting in the room - directed at the walls it emphasises the overlap, directed away from the wall it diverts attention from it.

If in doubt, we recommend ordering a sample with a request to prepare 2 pieces so that you can check the visibility of the overlap. If there is no need for a functional choice of adhesive material for better visual effects in living rooms and bedrooms, we recommend using more decorative vinyl on structural fleece prepared for butt joint mounting.

What is the difference between self-adhesive wallpaper and classic wallpaper?

Classic wallpapers are mounted on wallpaper adhesive, have beautiful structures and we mount them with a butt joint - they are cut at the production stage. Self-adhesive wallpapers are very simple, fast and clean to apply. They have their own adhesive, do not require the purchase of any additional materials for assembly or a specialist company. Anyone can carry out the installation themselves using the basic steps provided with the wallpaper and the instructional video available on our Facebook profile. Self-adhesive wallpapers have a reserve of 2 cm and we recommend gluing them on an overlap. The overlap can be cut at the gluing stage, using a double cut and removal of excess material. Wallpaper for wallpaper adhesive are produced on NW materials, which are non-contractile. Vinyl wallpapers are made of 100% vinyl and are characterised by shrinkage of up to 2 mm. We do not recommend cutting an overlap in the kitchen and bathroom space.

Joining the panels/strips? 

Wallpaper for gluing as standard are prepared for butt joint connection.

All wallpapers prepared for butt joint mounting as standard can be prepared for assembly by double cutting - this is not subject to an additional fee, but must be reported before accepting the custom-made visualisation.

Self-adhesive laminated wallpapers are always prepared for installation with an overlap to prevent the wallpaper panels from spreading apart - the only shrinkable material is 100% vinyl.

In what width of strips are custom-made wallpapers?

Wallpapers are made in panels of equal size, in the least number of strips, resulting from the size of the customer's wall, with width 70-130 cm. The height is always the height of the given room plus a reserve of 10 cm.

Wallpapers in standardised rolls are always 100 cm wide and 300 cm high.

Wallpapers in the shape of a circle have a diameter of max. 130 cm. Wallpapers may be smaller to order, but this does not mean a price reduction. We do not produce wallpaper larger than 130 cm, because it would require combining pieces and the use of an overlap, which in our opinion is a less aesthetic solution than mounting the wallpaper in one piece.


Is the colour I see on the monitor the same colour I get on the wallpaper?

Individual settings of the end device may cause differences between the visualisation of the product on the Customer's computer and the actual appearance of the product (colour, proportions, etc.). This is not the basis for a complaint. To check the real colour, order samples and check them at the final assembly location. The colour perception is influenced by factors such as the colour of the light, and interior finishing elements located in the target room.

Can I change the colour of the wallpaper?

Changes such as mirror reflection, colour brightening or darkening, as well as making a black-and-white version are free and possible in any wallpaper.

Additional changes are possible for selected designs and require an additional fee for preparation by the graphics department.

Any colour change of the design before production should be accepted on the basis of physical samples.

Can I change the size of the design, pattern, layout of the graphics on the wallpaper?

As a manufacturer, we have the ability to make wallpaper in any colour for all geometric, repetitive and children's designs. For flower wallpapers, we can make small changes in the colour of a single element or changes in the colour/tone of the entire image. Changes, for example the background, are also possible but very time-consuming and are subject to an additional fee priced individually.

Can I order an individual conversion of a particular design for a RAL or NCS template?

Yes, the cost of such a project is 100 EUR or more depending on the complexity of changes and expectations of the customer - for each such wallpaper it is required to make samples and accept the actual colour scheme before production.

Can I produce wallpaper from my own photo or purchased from a photo service such as adobestock, istock?

Yes, of course, just send us a link to the photo or the number and name of the site and we will buy it for you - the cost of the photo may vary and depends on the license. Always before buying, we inform you what the price is for a specific selected photo and whether its quality will be sufficient to print the expected size of wallpaper.

What is the waiting time for the order?

Waiting time for implementation:

Custom-made wallpapers - this is a standard 14 working days from the moment of paying for the order and accepting the visualisation made to the size of the customer's wall. It is possible to accelerate the production deadline up to 7 working days from the acceptance of the custom-made visualisation at the price of 20% of the order value and an express order with a shipping guarantee within 3 working days from the acceptance of the visualisation for the size of the customer's wall at a surcharge of 50% of the order value.

Wallpapers in standardised rolls - this is a standard 10 working days from the moment of paying for the order and choosing the number of strips from the selected design. It is possible to accelerate the production time to 3 working days - express mode at a surcharge of 50% of the order value.

Wallpaper in the shape of a circle - the deadline for implementation is a standard 3 working days.

Samples - we send every Monday or the next working day if Monday is a non-working day.

Custom-made fabrics - this is a standard 21 working days from the moment of paying for the order and accepting the visualisation made for the size ordered by the customer.

Custom-made carpets - this is a standard 30 working days from the moment of paying for the order and accepting the visualisation made for the size ordered by the customer.

Bedding and pillows and wallpapers from the outlet section - products available immediately - shipping within 2 days of payment. 

From what point do we count the order completion date?

From the moment of paying for the order and accepting the visualisation of the design adapted to the size of your wall, if it is a custom-made product.

From what point can I not cancel my order?

When the visualisation of wallpaper, fabric, carpet is accepted, the order is sent to production and there is no longer the possibility of making changes and cancelling the order.

Can I cancel the ordered product after receiving it?

In the case of custom-made wallpapers, fabrics, carpets and products produced to order, in accordance with the law and our regulations, it is not possible to return or exchange for another product. An exception to this rule is the right of the customer to take advantage of the satisfaction guarantee on custom-made wallpaper.

Products such as pillows, linens, wallpaper in the shape of a circle and wallpapers from the outlet section can be returned.

What is the satisfaction guarantee?

If for any reason, the wallpaper you received does not meet your expectations, either in terms of aesthetics or quality, you can replace it one time with any design from our range, within 14 days of receiving the order. Details and rules for using the Guarantee can be found in the campaign regulations. The condition for taking advantage of the guarantee is sending the wallpaper back to us undamaged and not previously mounted.

Can I order a sample?

Yes, you can order a set of 3 samples. Samples are in A3 format. For geometric and repeated designs, we send samples in a scale of 1:1, photo wallpapers are shown in a reduction as a whole design. You can order a sample of the wallpaper in the scale of 1:1, specifying in the order the target size of the wallpaper, for an additional fee. You can choose any 3 designs made on 3 different materials. The cost of the set is 59 zł with the courier shipment. Samples can be ordered through our store or via e-mail. Only the sample is the basis for a colour complaint - no older than 30 days from the moment of ordering the wallpaper, more information in the Samples tab and regulations.

What is the waiting time for a sample?

The waiting time is up to 7 working days from the moment of paying for the order and providing a complete set of information for its implementation - selected designs and textures. We produce samples every Monday and send by courier DPD on Monday, and after 16:00 for the next Monday.

Are the gold, silver and copper colours metallic?

Unfortunately, no, the technology of eco-printing does not allow printing with metallic paints - so gold, silver and copper colours are created as a print in a given colour reminiscent of shades of gold, silver and copper. On each design the effect looks different - especially in the Arte collection, so we recommend ordering samples to avoid disappointment.

Do we ship products abroad?

Yes, we ship orders throughout the European Union, to the UK and Canada. It is possible to order shipping to other locations than those mentioned, such orders should be placed by e-mail to the address office@wallart.eu and we will contact you with a valuation of shipping costs to the given place. 

Shipping to locations other than the European Union, United Kingdom and Canada may be subject to the need to pay a customs fee upon receipt of the order, in accordance with the laws of the buyer's country.

Why does the calculator for custom-made wallpapers show more m2 of wallpaper than the physical size of the wall?

The calculator shows how many m2 of wallpaper we need to produce to be enough for the given wall size, taking into account the width of the material on which we print. We count each started m2 for width x height of the wall, and the result is rounded up to a full m2 of wallpaper. Wallpapers after production are cut to the ordered size, leaving a small reserve in height and width.

Can I pick up an order in person?

This can be done in Wrocław, in our studio at ul. Rafał Wojaczka 3i in Wrocław.

Can I pay on delivery?

All our products are made to order and we only produce them after the order is paid for. Payment on delivery is possible only for our products from the outlet and accessories such as pillowcases for pillows and linens, chemicals and accessories in our studio in Wrocław.

Is it possible to order wallpaper in the on-line store and pick it up at the distributor?

Orders from the store are sent directly to the customer; orders placed through distributors can be sent to the distributor.

Where can we physically see our designs?

The designs can be seen in our studio in Wrocław at ul. Rafał Wojaczka 3i and at our distributors - the list is available on our website and at the link - https://wallart.com.pl/pages/dystrybutorzy

Does the product have certificates? Which?

Yes, canon UV gel printing has ecologo certificates, materials have B1 and M1 certificates as well as hygiene certificates.

Is it possible to use the wallpaper in hospitals and kindergartens?

Thanks to the above certificates, the printing technology is approved for use in public institutions such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shops, restaurants and hotels.

 Do we crop the wallpaper to the size of the customer's wall?

Yes, each custom-made wallpaper is made to the customer's wall size; the customer after specifying the wall size receives several frames to choose from. Wallpapers in standardised rolls are not subject to the cropping service, hence their lower price per m2.

Is there an installation instruction attached to the wallpaper?

Yes, each order is accompanied by assembly instructions and visualisation divided into panels/strips.

What adhesive do you recommend for wallpaper?

Adhesive for vinyl wallpaper on structural fleece should be adhesive for heavy wallpaper, for example Wallfix heavy.

What are the possible forms of payment?

In the on-line store, the possible forms of payment are - transfer, payment by payment or credit card, polskie płatności, ApplePay and PAYU, PAYU instalments. In the physical store at ul. Wojaczka 3i in Wrocław, you can also pay by card and cash.

What are the possible forms of delivery?

It is possible to send DPD courier in Poland and to collect in person at the company headquarters. We do not send for cash on delivery. International shipments are sent by DPD, DHL, FEDEX.