Wallpapers in the dry zone of the bathroom and kitchen

  On surfaces that do not come into direct contact with water, higher temperature or dirt, we can easily use Wall Art wallpapers and, for added protection, additionally cover them with a varnish known as "Liquid tile", for example Aquaceramic, which creates a waterproof layer on kitchen wallpapers, protects them against moisture and dirt and increases their resistance to mechanical damage.

 Such a varnish costs about 23 EUR per pack, which is enough to varnish 7m2 twice. The varnish is applied to kitchen bathroom wallpapers with a brush so that it penetrates well into the wallpaper texture. We can choose from, among others, vinyl on non-woven fabric with a texture of linen concrete, sand or brush. These materials are thick wallpapers with a weight of up to 350-440 g per m2, whose durability is incomparable to wallpapers available in DIY stores.