Protective varnish 1L

Protective varnish 1L


AQUA CERAMIC – protective decorative varnish.

Varnish for almost all surfaces, designed , among others , to protect WALLPAPERS against dirt, grease and water!


- you can put it on non-woven wallpapers in the bathroom or kitchen, the varnish will protect them against moisture, dirt and fungus.

- we can easily remove any dirt and increase the wallpaper's resistance to mechanical damage

- smooth wallpapers become waterproof with proper application!!

- the colors of the wallpaper become expressive and more saturated

- suitable for various types of wallpapers, including : with acrylic, vinyl or paper finish

- available in the HALF-MAT version in 1L packaging

- can also be applied to paints, plasters, wood, natural, gypsum and concrete bricks, stone, decorative plasters and architectural concrete

- AQUA CERAMIC is a water-soluble, antifungal, odorless, non-yellowing and health-friendly varnish.

Efficiency of 1 package - 7m2 of double varnishing